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Welcome to these webpages.  We are still working to make this helpful to you who are trying to find out more about this parish.  So please tell us what you would like for us to include.  Here are a few things you might want to know about us.  Also check out the Welcome Page.  From this page, you can look to the right to find links to 

Parish Profile From our mission and ministries to our parish life and core values; all about us   
History The story of our congregation since 1874   
Member Directory A picture directory with names and faces, which is a "work in progress"   
Event Calendar Continually being updated    
Ministry and Budget Reports Information about our ministries and our finances  

News What God and the people of St Mark's are doing together
This Week at St. Mark's Ibid
Vestry Business Links of and for the St. Mark's Vestry

Here are some other links which you might find helpful for finding out more about the Episcopal Church, or about spiritual practices in general. 

General Information About the Episcopal Church
        The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas 
        The Episcopal Church 1   
        The Episcopal Church 2  
        The Anglican Communion 
        Episcopal Life Online  

Episcopal Worship  
        The Book of Common Prayer 

Daily Meditations and Readings  
        Forward Day by Day  
        The Lectionary of Readings from Scripture  

Other Spiritual Practices 
        Spirituality and Practice  
        Explore Faith  
        Lectio Divina 1   
        Lectio Divina 2  
        Lectio Divina 3  
        Anglican Prayer Beads 
        Episcopal Spirituality