Confirmation is a sacrament of the Church administered by a Bishop in historic apostolic succession. It is understood and experienced to be:

  • A mature, adult confession of faith.
  • A commissioning to mature ministry in the church and the world.
  • A gift of grace to enable us to live as the society of new humanity in mature and concrete ways.
  • Not a requirement for membership in the Episcopal Church, but customarily expected of responsible and involved members.

Confirmations are scheduled at times when a Bishop makes a visitation to the parish, which is usually in February at St Mark's. When you are confirmed:

  • You kneel before the Bishop in a Confirmation Celebration at church.
  • You make a mature commitment as an apprentice of Jesus and renew the promises made in Baptism.
  • You receive fresh grace for living an adult Christian life and becoming a "little Christ".
  • You claim this church and the wider Anglican communion as your church home.

For more information, contact Fr Ben Nelson at or (512) 353-1979.