Membership in the Episcopal Church means choosing this church as a guiding community of faith for living out your own life of faith. 
Active Membership means sharing worship, prayer, study, and service with the parish community, as well as committing time, talent, and treasure for the life and work of the whole community.
Baptized Membership  Becoming a member of the St Mark’s is not difficult. It requires transferring your membership from another church, or simply declaring your desire and intention to be a member. New members orientations are held twice each year, followed by a New Member Sunday at which time new members are recognized and blessed during the liturgy. Any member can participate in the normal life and work of the church.
Confirmed Membership  To become a voting member at parish meetings, or to assume leadership at St Mark’s, there is an expectation that a person prepare for and receive the sacrament of Confirmation, which is a public affirmation of faith, based on the Baptismal Covenant, and is a means of grace offered by a Bishop of the Episcopal Church. The grace for living a mature Christian life comes to us through many means, but is specially offered in the Episcopal Church through this sacrament. Through the centuries, this grace has been passed on to Christians in apostolic churches through the laying on of hands of Bishops, who stand in line with Bishops going back to the Apostles and to Christ himself. 
Classes are offered at various times to prepare those who wish to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. 
For more information, contact the church office or 512-353-1979.