Welcome to our Website   Please use our contact link to ask us about anything you can’t find on our site. We look forward to hearing from you.
We are on a journey into a new future which we are still discovering.  We carry some of our past with us, but we are being changed into something new as we discern our identity and mission from a new and beautiful campus which we moved into on Christmas 2009. 

A Little About Us   What you might want to know about St. Mark's is that many of us are trying to learn and practice Christianity as a path of transformation rather than simply compliance to external rules and dogma.  Our experience is that the deep, inner, historic, spiritual teachings and practices of Christianity that are aimed at transforming human beings into “little Christs” (Ephesians 4:13) and the whole creation into the Kingdom of God.
The spiritual teachings and tools with which we are most familiar come to us through the Episcopal Church.  Here are a few things you might want to know about the Episcopal Church.
The Episcopal Church is…
the American expression of the world-wide Anglican Communion, a branch of the Christian Church which was born in the first century in the Celtic Islands and developed in England as a tradition that is both:
         Catholic and Protestant
         Biblical and Sacramental
         ancient and modern
         conservative and liberal
         spiritual and practical
         formal and friendly
         guiding and free thinking.
For our faith, we look to
         The Bible (Old and New Testaments),
         Church Tradition (the collective wisdom of the Church through the ages), and
         Reason and Experience (our own God-given powers to understand and apply Christian faith in our lives) as authoritative for our faith and worship.
For our Worship, we use…
         The Bible, read regularly throughout the church year,
         The Book of Common Prayer, which contains all our forms and services of worship, including private prayers and devotionals, and
         The Hymnal, which contains our hymns, songs and chants.
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